About Us

The zeka-Rollers Aargau is an association that was founded in 2003 and has been a sub-section of the Wheelchair Club Aargau since 2010. 

This website is maintained exclusively by zeka-Rollers Aargau.

Next Game`s

4. NLB-Spieltag
WBZ Lenzburg
Neuhofstrasse 36, 5600 Lenzburg

Our association

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Adress Aarau

Zentrum Körperbehinderte Aarau
Girixweg 20 (Turnhalle)
5000 Aarau
Trainingszeiten: Donnerstag von 16:00 bis 17:30
Kroki Aarau

Adress Baden

Zentrum Körperbehinderte Baden
Dättwilerstrasse 16 (Turnhalle)
5400 Baden
Trainingszeiten: Montag von 16:45 bis 18:15
Kroki Baden