History International

The sport began in the Netherlands around 1970, when the search for a sporting activity for people in power wheelchairs led to the idea of floorball. The lightweight plastic sticks were one of the deciding factors. Powerchair hockey is mainly played in Europe. Overseas, it is also played in Australia, Japan, the USA and Canada (with different rules in North America).

The powerchair hockey nations are organised in a world association (IPCH International Powerchair Hockey Association). The association is also responsible for organising international competitions. The last world championship was held in Sursee in August 2022. The current world champion is from Denmark. Switzerland is ranked 3rd in the world rankings.

Powerchair hockey is played in the following countries: 

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, USA

Powerchair hockey is currently being developed in the following countries:

Austria, Estonia, India, Japan, Morocco, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, England

History Switzerland

Since the first Swisscup in 2003, electric wheelchair hockey, as it was known back then, has developed steadily. In addition to the pioneers from Zurich and St.Gallen, the teams from Lucerne and Aarau made their first appearance. Bern, Lausanne and Basel followed. The Swiss champion was determined at the Swiss Cup until 2013. The championship then started with an A and a B league and, since 2022, the 1st league. The championship title is awarded after 3 - 4 tournament days.

Since last year, all players have been classified according to an international points system. The strongest players have 4 points, players with fixed rackets usually have one point. No more than 12 points may be used in a match.

The Swiss Cup then became the Cup Winners' Tournament, in which all teams in Switzerland have the opportunity to play for the trophy. The Iron Cats from Zurich are the big dominators in both the championship and the cup winners' title, followed by the Rolling Thunder from Bern. The zeka Rollers were the only other team to win the title in 2015.

The Swisscup has not been held since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2022, Switzerland hosted its first World Championships in Nottwil and Sursee. The Swiss national team took 3rd place.